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18 Mar 2012 ConvertPlot4Publication Adjusts figures for consistent appearance and saves them in multiple formats Author: Christoph Brueser

Nice tool,Thanks.

However,I encountered some problems to process surf with a colorbar. The Background color changed and colorbar and surf got separate.

k = 5;
n = 2^k-1;
[x,y,z] = sphere(n);
c = hadamard(2^k);
colormap([1 1 0; 0 1 1])
axis equal


04 Oct 2010 Model3d MATLAB class for reading, viewing 3D dxf and 3ds files. Author: Steven Michael

It is working nicely. But I have problems to run the rotation by using qrot(m,pi/2,pi/2). Or even if I load the qrot3d function from the file exchange it didn't work out. Does anybody have experience with this functions or can give me a hint how to use. Thanks a lot.

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