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17 Oct 2010 Mogi: point source in elastic half-space Computes surface displacements, tilt and strain due to point source at depth Author: François Beauducel

17 Oct 2010 ROMAN2NUM and NUM2ROMAN: modern Roman numerals Converts Roman numerals to and from integers Author: François Beauducel

Impressive coding and useful functions.

05 Oct 2010 Round with significant digits Rounds towards the nearest number with N significant digits. Author: François Beauducel

05 Oct 2010 Okada: Surface deformation due to a finite rectangular source Computes Okada's 1985 solution for displacements, tilts and strains due to fault dislocation. Author: François Beauducel

very clean coding.

05 Oct 2010 Read and write multiplexed miniSEED file Imports and exports data files in seismological format "mini-SEED" Author: François Beauducel

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