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Johns Hopkins University

Member of Médecins Sans Frontières

'Being ignorant is not so much a shame, as being bigoted and unwilling to learn.' - Benjamin Franklin, 1706-1790

'Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain and most fools do, and they hardly solve anything.' - Benjamin Franklin, 1706-1790

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09 Dec 2010 AFM Image Analysis Atomic Force Microscopy Image Analysis Author: Prashant Patil

This is nice. I have a lot of questions. A project is coming up on this. Thank you. Thank you.

09 Dec 2010 Greedy algorithm for Set Cover problem The well known greedy algorithm for solving Set Cover problem, with a few changes Author: Fabio Gori

09 Dec 2010 Brush Smaller Image Or Matrix Over A Larger Matrix, Select ROI with resizeable window Illustrates how a smaller matrix may be 'brushed' against a larger one without overflowing. Author: Michael Chan

@Jan, I think his coding is very intutitive as compared to yours. I saw your codes. I can't understand your coding at all. I refrain from commenting or rating in your section for courtesy sake. Besides, he provides very good usage files and read me files. I hardly see anyone doing that.

The 'clear all' is fundamental, it starts afresh. I had once run some codes without the 'clear all', and they over-write my previous variables, especially when I am messy with working with systems. I learnt it through the hard way, and find it that it is a clumsy way to keep variables when running two different subjects.

I am not an expert users like you guys, but personally, I would rate Michael higher than you, because I find it very easy to understand and re-use his codes. This one for example saved me a lot of work, and I got an 'A' grade from my Professor. He said my code is the clearest in his class. I did not tell him I learnt it from Michael's style.

I have also seen many people who are insistent in their styles. You can maintain yours, but I don't think everyone agrees with you, and I do find your comments overbearing. I put 'watch' on some coders to learn their styles, you are not on the list.

12 Nov 2010 Learning the Kalman Filter Basic Kalman filter, heavily commented, for beginners to Kalman filtering. Author: Michael Kleder

12 Nov 2010 LISQ - A toolbox for the lifting scheme on 2D quincunx grids A toolbox for the lifting scheme on 2D quincunx grids and for the computation of moment invariants Author: Paul De Zeeuw

Could you also make a 1D lifting scheme for learners like us?
Thank you.

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