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25 Oct 2012 Revised Simplex Method. The function revised solves an LPP using revised simplex method. It uses big M method. Author: Bapi Chatterjee

There is an error !

Undefined function or variable "v".

Error in revised (line 175)

25 May 2012 sharedmatrix SHAREDMATRIX Allows any Matlab object to be shared between Matlab sessions (w/o using file I/O). Author: Joshua Dillon

Nice Nice but
it works only between matlab of same version...
for example it does not work between matlab 2010a x64 and 2010a x32

18 Oct 2010 Hatch fill patterns plus plus Updated code to replace colors in figures with hatching Author: David

18 Oct 2010 Hatch fill patterns plus Color & Invert Updated code hatch with color and inverted hatches Author: Brandon Levey

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