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20 Mar 2011 SSH From Matlab (updated) + SFTP/SCP Run commands on a remote machine from a Matlab session, via a secure shell. Author: David Freedman

I tried to run sshfrommatlab and ran into the following problem about "authentication method Password not supported by server at this stage".

But I was able to login with password through command line. Not sure what the problem is. Has anyone else experienced the same problem?


??? Java exception occurred:
java.io.IOException: Password authentication failed.
at ch.ethz.ssh2.auth.AuthenticationManager.authenticatePassword(AuthenticationManager.java:328)
at ch.ethz.ssh2.Connection.authenticateWithPassword(Connection.java:311)
Caused by: java.io.IOException: Authentication method password not supported by the server at this
at ch.ethz.ssh2.auth.AuthenticationManager.authenticatePassword(AuthenticationManager.java:298)
... 1 more

Error in ==> sshfrommatlab at 53
isAuthenticated = channel.authenticateWithPassword(userName,password);

28 Oct 2010 DPX file reader A DPX file parser . Author: Jeff Mather

Would anyone tell me how to extend this code to handle 10 and 12 bit images? Thank you.

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