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Bonnie Lee

Sydney University

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image processing


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07 Nov 2010 Fingerprint matching algorithm using shape context and orientation descriptors Fingerprint matching code using a hybrid descriptor. EER < 1% (approx. 0.75%) on FVC2002 Db1_A. Author: Joshua Abraham

This is very good software with low EER. However, documentation
needs fixing. The readme needs updated.

I had to add path sc_minutia folder first.
After templates created, I can run
BASE_IMG=''; main

This is long however. But I found that Ctrl-C to interrupt
process can be continued again with just 'main'.

also, when stopped, the RES_G and RES_B arrays can be used
to plot EER graphs with

[ig,ib]=calc_EER(1./RES_G, 1./ RES_B);
plot(ib, 'red');
axis([0 200 0 100]);

The EER is quite good. I have a question, what are the SC_G
and SC_B vectors for?

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