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06 May 2013 Import data from SAS (via Excel; with SAS/ACCESS and ActiveX Automation Server) Author: Dimitri Shvorob

I'm getting a runtime error 91 in the xls macro about a block variable not having been set. It stops at the "SAS.Quit" line in the Sub SAS2Excel() module.

I'm no expert in VB (I think?), so does anyone know of a quick fix?

29 Mar 2012 Gaussian fit Fits Gaussian curve into points. The curve is understood as a probability density function, pdf. Author: Przemyslaw Baranski

31 Dec 2010 ploterr plots data with x and/or y error bars and supports logarithmic scaling for both axes. Author: Felix Zoergiebel

Hi Felix,
Here's a small mistake catching mechanism that can be added:
I'm using ploterr with the toggle for 'logxy' on, and I didn't realize that there were some points that would be negative with error bars, and I tried plotting them, and ploterr "did" without returning any error. I thought the plot looked a little sparse, and I couldn't figure it out until I finally noticed these tiny pixels on my graph. I'm not quite sure what they are because I haven't looked into ploterr, but it seems that feeding points where data-error<=0 (I tried 0 as well), makes ploterr plot these tiny pixels on your graph instead of the real points you wanted. They're very hard to see, and I missed them the first dozen time I look at my graph; so, it may be handy to provide some kind of error message when that happens.

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