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24 Jan 2013 continuous wavelet transform and inverse Continuous wavelet transform (CWT) and Inverse CWT for reconstructing original signal. Author: jon erickson

Hi Jon,

Thanks for this fantastic code!
A question regarding time series with gaps:
As I understand, the Haar wavelet will ignore gaps, as long as they are replaced by zeros and the time series is zero-meaned. If this is correct, could you include (either here or in the wave_bases.m file) code for the Haar wavelet?

Thanks again.

17 Nov 2010 An improved subplot function An improved subplot function Author: Eran Ofek

Great Subplot function.

i had similar problems as Dave Van Tol above, with subplot1 giving error messages along the lines of:
??? Error using ==> set
uimenu handle passed to 'CurrentAxes' property - valid axes handle required

Error in ==> subplot1 at 138

His suggested fix worked perfectly (include in update?)

Many thanks!

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