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26 Mar 2012 Excel Embedded chart. create an embedded chart in excel from data in excel spreadsheet. Author: rasam aliazizi

well done. Can you recommend me some books about using microsoft Excel in matlab?

I have some questions about Excel, See my Ask 'program skills about Microsoft Excel, Word and so on' if you have any interest.


25 Feb 2012 Analog Filter Design Toolbox GUI to design and simulate active (opamp) LP and HP Bessel, Butter, Cheby, and Elliptic filters. Author: James Squire

very good.

18 Nov 2010 progbar progbar.m: general purpose progress bar for MATLAB Author: Ben Mitch

I have a qustion about progress bar. I wanna read a file and display a time-consum progress bar under it, but i cann't estimate how much time it used. So how do you know the percentage?

18 Nov 2010 Classic Snake Game in MATLAB GUI Enjoy a simple and easy to play game where the snake needs to feed on its prey. Author: Akash Gupta

Although your program is good, i found it coundn't resume when I pushed the 'PAUSE' button. Matlab 'paush' function can be waken up by any key, but it is just once. What's mean is that when you click one time, it's be waked up. But this doesn't continuous. So can you solve this little problem?

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