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12 Jun 2011 Inhull Efficient test for points inside a convex hull in n dimensions Author: John D'Errico

This is a great tool, but the advantage of tsearchn is that tsearchn also returns the index of the tetrahedron (for 3d case) consisting of the test point. So, if i want that index, i need to run a loop over all tetrahedron and check everytime if the testpoint is inside or not, which would raise the runtime of inhull in an unacceptable way (number of tetrahdrons * inhull). The speed of a single call of inhull with the result of tsearchn would be awesome.

22 Nov 2010 "Center": Calculates and plots centers of a triangle "Center": Calculates and plots the barycenter, incenter, circumcenter and orthocenter of a triangle Author: Gustavo Morales

nice and small. easy to use.

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