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John Kitchin

Carnegie Mellon University

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29 May 2012 Units for Matlab This package provides units conversion factors and enforces unit algebra for Matlab Author: John Kitchin units 8 0
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24 Nov 2010 Units and Dimensions Suite for Matlab A complete suite for using real world units in matlab. Author: Rob deCarvalho

Nice work! This is a big improvement over the simple units file with regards to maintaining consistency of units.

One problem I immediately ran into using this class is making a vector of numbers with different units. This happens all the time when solving coupled differential equations where the initial conditions might be [1*u.mol/L 300*u.K]. The simple units file allowed this easily (of course because no checks are made!)

there could also be linear algebra cases where it is appropriate to have different units in two different vectors, but where the element-wise product all have the same units.

Some other issues:
this does not work because horzcat is only defined for 2 arguments.
a = [1*u.m 2*u.m 3*u.m]

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