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09 May 2014 Uniform distribution over a convex polytope Samples uniformly the interior of a convex polytope. Author: Tim Benham

Thank you for uploading this. Is there a way to specify equality constraints Ax=b ? I tried adding both Ax<=b and -Ax<=-b, but this crashes at ` y = y + (tmin+(tmax-tmin)*rand)*u;`.

I also tried padding b with epsilons. This crashes less often, but still frequently at the same line.

08 May 2014 Null space of a sparse matrix calculates null space and range of a rectangular sparse matrix Author: Pawel Kowal

I'm impressed by this method. Is there a reference to read more about the technique?

20 May 2013 Uniform Sampling of a Sphere Create an approximately uniform triangular tessellation of a unit sphere Author: Anton Semechko

Thanks for sharing your code.

One note. The "stratified" option in RandSampleSphere is not really stratified. In fact it is the same as the "uniform" option: a uniform sampling following "Spherical Sampling by Archimedes’ Theorem" [Shao & Badler 96]

07 May 2011 Ray/Triangle Intersection Ray/triangle intersection using the algorithm proposed by Möller and Trumbore (1997) Author: Jesús P. Mena-Chalco

10 Mar 2011 Moving Least Squares Tools that implements the Moving Least Squares algorithm to deform points and images Author: Gabriele Lombardi

This appears to be broken in version 2010b. MLSDeform crashes when you try to drag the points...

Okay, now I have fixed the dragging bug, but the deformations look totally wrong. The deformed image does not interpolate the control points. Is it possible that version changes in Matlab have botched this script?

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