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23 Oct 2013 Screenshot Get data from Trendy Get data from a giben Trend on MATLAB Trendy Author: J.R.! Menzinger data, trendy, web 9 0
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05 Mar 2014 Convert seconds to human readable string(s) Convert an amount of seconds to hours/days/weeks/etc. Author: Rody Oldenhuis

15 Jan 2014 Matrix Surround Encoding Encodes 5-channel surround-sound signal into stereo matrix-encoded signal based on Dolby PLII. Author: Drew Weymouth

Great implementation!

Do you have also implemented a decoder? witch operations should I do for this purpose? Thanks in Advice.

17 Dec 2013 Android sensor data acquisition – azimuth, pitch and roll Capture the orientation of a mobile device from a computer running MATLAB. Author: MathWorks Mobile Sensor Connectivity Team

17 Dec 2013 Android Sensor support from MATLAB (R2013a, R2013b) Use MATLAB to acquire sensor data from built-in sensors on your Android device. Author: MathWorks Mobile Sensor Connectivity Team

29 Oct 2013 subfig Create figures in tiled positions. Author: Jeff Barton

This is very useful. I use it every day! ;-)

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