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09 May 2012 OfficeDoc - read/write/format MS Office docs (XLS/DOC/PPT) Read/write/append/format/display data, images & screenshots in MS Office documents (XLS/DOC/PPT) Author: Yair Altman

no source code and the pcode does not work on r2011b

16 Mar 2011 xml_io_tools Read XML files into MATLAB struct and writes MATLAB data types to XML Author: Jaroslaw Tuszynski


I am running the following example in the code

MyTree.MyNumber = 13;
MyTree.MyString = 'Hello World';
xml_write('test.xml', MyTree);
[tree treeName] = xml_read('test.xml');

But I got the following warning:

??? Warning: File: xml_read.m Line: 126 Column: 11 This try-catch syntax will continue to work in R2007a,
but may be illegal or may mean something different in future releases of MATLAB. See Release Notes for MATLAB Version 7.4, "Warning Generated by try-catch" for details.

The warning stopped the script and did not generate result for [tree treeName].

Any suggestions? Thanks!

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