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21 Nov 2012 Function to Convert between DCM, Euler angles, Quaternions, and Euler vectors Function to convert rotation data between 4 types: DCM, Euler Angles, Quaternions, and Euler Param. Author: John Fuller

For some rotation matrix INPUT, certain CONVERSION will lead error messages due to singularity. And it has to use other CONVERSION type. It would be helpful if the code can automatically select a error-free CONVERSION for any INPUT.

For example, when rotation matrix INPUT =
[0 0 1;
1 0 0;
0 1 0]
The conversion has to be 'DCMtoEA2xx' in which 2 needs to be the first and xx can be 13 or 31.

When the code is called for repetitive computation of many data sets, an auto selected CONVERSION type would be desired.


11 Nov 2011 Matlab 3D figure to 3D (X)HTML Converts 3D objects of a Matlab figure to XHTML embedded X3D file. Interactive 3D website graphics. Author: Dirk-Jan Kroon

Thanks for the awesome work. I have been looking for this kind of program for a long time. I really want to explore it. However, I cannot get it to work on my computer. Running the matlab code has no problem. When I tried to open the xhtml file using the latest IE with adobe 11 installed, the web page just show X3DOM Loading Scene... and it neven show up.

I tried to open the xhtml file using the lastest Chrome also. The progrom says that Matalb X3D not responsive and nothing show up also.

Does anybody has the same problem I had and happen to know what may be the reasons, how to fix it?


05 Jan 2011 mysql very simple mysql class file for working with mysql databases. Author: Jozef

I change obj.dbconn = database('name', 'user', 'password') using my own data; and then do

connection = mysql

but I got following message:

??? Error using ==> mysql>mysql.mysql at 15
Not possible to connect to MYSQL

Can you tell me what is wrong? Sorry I am new to connection to mySQL using matlab.

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