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09 May 2011 ashape: a pedestrian alpha shape extractor extracts 2d alpha shapes from a set of x/y data points Author: us

Hello. When I try to run this I get the following error:

??? Error using ==> qhullmx

qhull precision error: 101 attempts to construct a convex hull
with joggled input. Increase joggle above 'QJ3.5'
or modify qh_JOGGLE... parameters in user.h

While executing: | qhull d QJ Pp

Options selected for Qhull 2003.1 2003/12/30:
delaunay Pprecision-ignore Qbbound-last-qj Pgood
_run 101 QJoggle 3.5 _joggle-seed 1537501472 _max-width 3.5e+002
Error-roundoff 7e-010 Width-outside 1.4e-009 _wide-facet 4.2e-009
_narrow-hull 1.1e-010

Last point added to hull was p8420.

At error exit:

Error in ==> delaunayn at 117
t = qhullmx(x', 'd ', opt);

Error in ==> delaunay at 48
tri = delaunayn([x(:) y(:)],options);

Error in ==> aslib>ASLIB_asdelaunay at 1199

Error in ==> aslib>ASLIB_aini at 562

Error in ==> ashape at 72

I'm running R2008B. On another system with R2010a it works with the same data. Any thoughts?

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