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Brennan Smith


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Research Assistant at the Center for Urban Environmental Research and Education at UMBC

Professional Interests:
Environmental data analysis


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11 Oct 2011 fminsearchbnd, fminsearchcon Bound constrained optimization using fminsearch Author: John D'Errico

Thanks! Very useful

11 Oct 2011 ismonotonic Determines whether or not a vector or matrix is monotonically increasing or decreasing. Author: Richie Cotton

Thank you!

06 May 2011 Consolidator Consolidates common elements in x (may be n-dimensional), aggregating corresponding y. Author: John D'Errico

Thank you very much! I've been looking all over for a way to identify unique rows and tally the number of repeats, and this is by far the easiest solution - it worked on my first attempt and the outputs were very easy to plot. Great job!

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