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Fred Massin

Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris

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11 Dec 2014 Screenshot subplotN For a tight, aligned matrix of axes Author: Fred Massin plot, subplot, plotmatrix, linkprop 23 0
10 Dec 2014 minFractof MINFRACTOF Extract value at the Nth percentile. Author: Fred Massin sort, sum, isnan 19 0
04 Dec 2014 Screenshot contourN(varargin) Wrap contours lines of isovalues on a surface Author: Fred Massin contour, contourm, interp2, surface, minvtran 34 0
06 Mar 2014 Screenshot annotationN place multiple annotations in plot or figure coordinates Author: Fred Massin annotation, cell 4 0
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25 Aug 2014 LL2UTM and UTM2LL Latitude/longitude to and from UTM coordinates precise and vectorized conversion. Author: François Beauducel

13 Mar 2013 DEM: Shaded relief image plot (digital elevation model) Pretty shaded relief map as flat image. Author: François Beauducel

This is great to be able (finally!) to export vector shaded image with matlab, thank you!

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