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02 Sep 2014 Screenshot selectcolor.m A compact color picker Author: Peter color picker, gui tools 10 0
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10 Oct 2014 statusbar set/get status bar(s) for GUI figures & Matlab desktop Author: Yair Altman

Hi Yair, statusbar will require a few changes for R2014b. I've edited it for myself, as statusbar is awesome and I can't live without it!

17 Jul 2013 Mean square displacement analysis of particles trajectories A MATLAB class for the mean square displacement analysis of particle trajectories, with a tutorial. Author: Jean-Yves Tinevez

08 May 2013 UICOMPONENT - expands uicontrol to all Java classes Enhanced replacement for uicontrol & javacomponent, accepting all Java (Swing/AWT) style components Author: Yair Altman

29 Apr 2013 splitFV - split a mesh Splits a 2D or 3D mesh defined by faces and vertices into separately connected mesh pieces. Author: Sven

28 Apr 2013 sort_nat: Natural Order Sort Sort strings in natural order. Author: Douglas Schwarz

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