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MSc. Water Science Engineering - Hydroinformatics, Civil Engineer


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02 Sep 2014 Screenshot epanet_reader3d.m Loads an .INP file with Epanet 2.0 structure Author: MARIO CASTRO GAMA epanet, visualization 10 0
03 Jul 2014 Screenshot Colebrook White some explicit formulations Comparison of formulations for calculation of the friction factor of the Darcy-Weisbach eq Author: MARIO CASTRO GAMA colebrook, white, darcy, weisbach, hydraulics, pipes 10 0
20 Feb 2014 Screenshot GLOGMATRIX When plotting multiple scatters using GPLOTMATRIX creates logarithmic scale in both axis. Author: MARIO CASTRO GAMA gplotmatrix, scatter 4 0
11 Feb 2014 Screenshot Generate K random numbers which sum M Usually you need to generate K random numbers (uniform distribution) which must add a certain number Author: MARIO CASTRO GAMA random numbers 5 0
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23 Jun 2014 Fast points-in-polygon test Fast test to determine points located inside general polygon regions. Should be significantly faster Author: Darren Engwirda

Nice, used it in a problem with an unstructured grid and worked perfect.

10 Jun 2014 GODLIKE - A robust single-& multi-objective optimizer GODLIKE combines 4 global optimizers for both single/multi-objective optimizations Author: Rody Oldenhuis

Hello Joshua

Maybe you can try to implement http://www.mathworks.nl/matlabcentral/fileexchange/45490-generate-k-random-numbers-which-sum-m inside the godlike algortihm when the new population is created.

Best regards.

15 Nov 2012 Pareto Front Two efficient algorithms to find Pareto Front Author: Yi Cao


Something strange happened I'm working on Matlab 7.11 under Win 7 (32b). On hp intel i5.

Then i used the mex file given and the example works really fine. But then i decided to follow what is stated in other requirements. It compiles and runs properly no errors. The issue is that the reported CPU times after recompiling are double. Isn't that odd? Obviously i'll use the original file from the posts, but the new compilations shouldn't be more efficient?. What am i missing here?

Thank you

PS: Great submission

29 Oct 2012 COMBINATOR -combinations AND permutations Returns 1 of 4 different samplings on the set 1:N, taken K at a time. Author: Matt Fig

is excellent, very fast!

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