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26 Sep 2014 pointonsphere Put N uniformly distributed points on unit sphere. Author: Leevan Ling

Works very well and produces a deterministic output without energy iterations or the like. Suited for millions of points, just what i need.

Thank you.

Is there an explanation somewehere on how the placement exactly works?

26 Sep 2014 stlwrite - Write binary or ascii STL file Export a variety of inputs (patch, surface) to an STL triangular mesh Author: Sven

Great work! And binary as well, i like it.

As a minor it would be cool to be able to specify the normals as well. (not that i couldn't do this myself, but it would save a minute ;) )

16 Jan 2012 tightfig Remove excess margins from figures. Author: Richard Crozier

Great work... i was just going to implement it myself... but here it is ;) Thank you.

Just a minor issue:
Restoring the original axes units fails when there is only a single axes object in the figure:

set(hax(i), 'Units', origaxunits{i});

... since origaxunits is no cell array then. A simple if else does the trick.

11 Jan 2011 Myaa - My Anti-Alias for Matlab Better looking Matlab figures with anti-aliasing! Author: Anders Brun

Since this discussion seems to be still up to date...

Why not simply override the rendering settings for matlab in the graphics driver?

Using my nVidia card i simply start the nVidia control center, add matlab.exe as a
program using custom settings and choose "Override all application settings" (i hope this translation from my german graphics driver is correct) and set

Antialiasing-transparency = Supersampling
Antialiasing-setting = 4 or 8 or ....

I cannot tell if it works well with everything you can plot in matlab - but so far it does.

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