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21 Jan 2011 ConvertTDMS (v9) Import a LabView TDMS file into the MATLAB workspace Author: Robert

Seems like a lot of people are trying to import tdms in Matlab. I have a solution that works for me, reading 320 MB in less than 4 seconds. However, at the moment it requires that the .tdms file is accompanied by a "_meta.txt" file generated by the NI-software.
My question to you: Is this meta-file generated by all NI-software?

21 Jan 2011 TDMS Reader Read TDMS files v1 & v2 without DLL Current Version: 2.5 Author: Jim Hokanson

Impressive amount of work you've put into this. Good job and well documented.
Tested the function on my data saved by Signal Express 2009. Works for small files (<6 MB) but when trying to load larger files (>50 MB) it crashes.
I'm lazy so I downloaded the matlab_tdm_example_sp2010.zip from NI. Using the nilibddc.dll and approx. 200 lines of code, including comments, I'm reading even larger files (approx 320 MB) in less than 4 seconds.

Below is some info from the crash. Maybe it can help you fix the problem:

266 propName = fread(fid,propNameLength,'*char')';
??? Error using ==> fread
Out of memory. Type HELP MEMORY for your options.

Error in ==> TDMS_preprocessFile at 266
propName = fread(fid,propNameLength,'*char')';

Error in ==> TDMS_readTDMSFile at 176
[rawDataInfo,numberDataPoints,objectPaths,segInfo] =

Error in ==> testTDMSreading at 34
output = TDMS_readTDMSFile(fullfileName,optionCA{:});

>> testTDMSreading
266 propName = fread(fid,propNameLength,'*char')';
K>> propNameLength
propNameLength =
K>> fid
fid =
K>> curProps
curProps =
Columns 1 through 8
'format-string' [1x22 char] 'unit_string' [] [] [] [] []
Columns 9 through 20
[] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] []
K>> iProp
iProp =
K>> propNameLength
propNameLength =

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