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29 Aug 2012 vectorized fibonacci Given any integer array n, compute an array with the nth fibonacci numbers. Author: Michael Völker

Nice quick solution for small n. Gives wrong results for (at least some) n >= 69 (due to numerical problems). Check using f=fibonacci(1:n); d=diff(f); p=find(d(2:end)~=f(1:end-2),1)

02 Sep 2011 Surface Fitting using gridfit Model 2-d surfaces from scattered data Author: John D'Errico

Thanks for the great tool. Trying to find a way around "pull ins" when the regularizer has a significant low spatial frequency bias over extended areas... for example, around the top of a higly resolved gaussian peak with 'gradient'. Using a higher order regularizer doesn't help (I've implemented a 4th order gradient): that just gives a surface that's highly "puckered" around indiviual sample errors. Any ideas?

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