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28 Oct 2011 Particle Swarm Optimization Research Toolbox Gbest PSO, Lbest PSO, RegPSO, GCPSO, MPSO, OPSO, Cauchy mutation, and hybrid combinations Author: George Evers

hi George,

i have tried to understand and read through the pso documentation so that i can implement ur pso toolbox into my college project.

my project is about designing a queuing system to control the service time(output) according to entity flow rate(input 1) and queue length(input 2)using flc and the system was developed in slimulink and running well.

until now i come to last part of my project as to optimize the flc mfs parameters(total 63) so that the waiting time could be minimized.

from the pso documentation i found that objective function could be the waiting time but i realize that i need to formulate the objfunc according to my system in simulink seems like very tough.

is it possible i can achieve my goal without the objfunc? i have the data of waiting time from the simulation, can i utilize it to do optimization?

i wish u can help me out or give me some idea as this is the last part of my project towards the end....thx

28 Oct 2011 Another Particle Swarm Toolbox Implementation of a PSO algorithm with the same syntax as the Genetic Algorithm Toolbox. Author: Sam

hi Sam,

u have done a very good job for the pso toolbox.

i am a newbie in matlab dealing with a project in college.

i need to optimize the membership functions parameters(total 63 parameters)of flc in simulink by using pso according to observed data result from simulation of the developed system as the fitness function. i found that the most difficult part for me is to formulate the fitness function, or is it possible i can find the best solution without fitness function?
i wish u can help me out or give me some idea as this is the last part of my project towards the end....thx

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