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28 Oct 2012 inpolyhedron - are points inside a triangulated volume? Test if 3d points are inside a mesh. Or, voxelise a mask from a surface. Mesh can be non-convex too! Author: Sven


Ok, I've found the issue. For the short term, try this for a solution:

in = inpolyhedron(myStl,X + 0.0001);

The reason you were having issues is that the faces/vertices you have are exactly aligned with the grid of your query points. This means that every query point lies exactly ON an edge. At the moment in my code, ON is considered OUT of the surface (only IN is considered IN). I had only anticipated this would be an issue for the outer surface points, but the same issue arises for inner points too like in your case.

In the help file I mention this as an issue awaiting user feedback. It looks like you're giving that feedback - thanks.

For the moment, just use the little work-around I gave. I think from your example I will try to change the definition so that I add a small tolerance to regard ON query points as actually IN to address this issue in a next version of inpolyhedron.

19 Jun 2012 stlwrite - Write binary or ascii STL file Export a variety of inputs (patch, surface) to an STL triangular mesh Author: Sven

@Nick and Adam, I'm not sure what issues may be at play with your files. Feel free to email a .mat file with your points/faces data *and* the 2 or 3 lines you use to create a working(!) figure from this data in MATLAB (note that I'll only have time to look at it if the figure creates cleanly).

14 Mar 2011 NaN Suite Descriptive Statistics for N-D matrices ignoring NaNs. Author: Jan Gläscher

There is a bug in the order by which the Nan suite calls the 'dim' argument. This matters if you have replaced the matlab 'NaN' functions with the Nan suite.

NaNsuite y = nanstd(x,dim,flag)
MATLAB y = nanstd(X,flag,dim)
y = std(X,flag,dim)

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