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29 Jan 2011 Hunt For Local Maxima, Minima, Plateau Illustrates identification of local maxima, minima or plateau, for exit criteria for long processes. Author: Michael Chan

A useful feature for biomedical utility. Could you provide a C code version for this as well? I have just sent you an email. Thank you.

29 Jan 2011 Image noise generation Illustrates different noise type generation of different severity on images Author: Michael Chan

Your stuffs are really worthy to use. It gives very clear comments. The codes are very neat. I like them a lot. Thank you!

29 Jan 2011 Image Error Measurements Measures the differences between 2 images, and measurement of image quality. Author: Michael Chan

Very comprehensive.

29 Jan 2011 Calculate Time Interval/ Difference To compute time interval, taking into account leap days that are subsumed within that interval. Author: Michael Chan

Useful reference. I dropped you a mail. Can you help me to translate this to C codes?
Thank you.

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