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Atif Anwer

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Proud Pakistani, Mechatronics Engineer, Android fanboy, DeviantArt-ist, PC Gamer, Robo-phile, Cartoon Lover, TechJunkie, StarCraft Fan, member Dumbeldores Army

Professional Interests:
Robotics, Embedded Systems, Image Processing,


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24 Nov 2012 Gradient using first order derivative of Gaussian Output the gradient image of a grayscale image Author: Guanglei Xiong

12 Jun 2012 Inverted Pendulum A collection of MATLAB files, useful for analyzing inverted pendulum & designing controller for it. Author: Khalil Sultan

07 Jul 2011 Horn-Schunck Optical Flow Method An implementaion of the very classical optical flow method of Horn & Schunck. Author: Mohd Kharbat

26 Jun 2011 Tracking red color objects using matlab This program just tracks all red color objects and draws a bounding box around them. Author: A. Bhargav Anand

Brilliant Job Done! Really helpful in using this as a start for my Vision project :)

31 Jan 2011 Shape Recognition differentiate Square, Rectangular, Circle from others Author: Ahmed Samieh

helpful for starters on image processing in matlab. Great work!

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