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11 May 2014 barerrorbar Create a bar plot with error bars. Author: Kenneth Morton

works like a charm for M > 1, but breaks down when M = 1. See below:

hold off;
M = 3;
N = 6;
x = rand(M, N);
lo = rand(M, N) * 0.5;
hi = rand(M, N) * 0.5;
% bar(1:M, x);
% hold on;
% errorbar(repmat((1:M)', 1, N), x, lo, hi, 'rx');
barerrorbar({1:M, x}, {repmat((1:M)', 1, N), x, lo, hi, 'rx'});

16 Dec 2011 Bar with errorbars This code plots bars with errorbars, as simple as that. Author: Venn Ravichandran

Other error bars I find cannot deal with asymmetric error bounds. This one works like a charm.

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