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15 Feb 2013 Chebfun V4 Numerical computation with functions instead of numbers. Author: Chebfun Team

23 Feb 2011 polygeom.m POLYGEOM computes area, centroid location, area moments of inertia and perimeter of closed polygons. Author: H.J. Sommer

The outputs are erroneous for the following input:
x = [1.0000 0.5000 0.8333 0.5694]
y = [1.0000 0.1667 0.5000 0.5694]
The centroid is computed as (0.8801,1.1496) which is outside the parallelogram formed by the input points.

23 Feb 2011 Centroid of a Convex n-Dimensional Polyhedron Computes the center of gravity of a convex polyhedron in any number of dimensions. Author: Michael Kleder

For the following p = [0 0; 1 1; 0.6667 0.6667; 0.5 0.8333; 0.1667 0.5] it gives an error saying the polygon is not convex when in fact it is.

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