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21 Oct 2014 Chicken Swarm Optimization Algorithm (demo) This is a new bio-inspired algorithm Chicken Swarm Optimization, proposed by Xian-bing(2014) Author: Xian-Bing Meng

08 Sep 2014 Multi-objective bat algorithm (MOBA) Matlab demo code for multiobjective bat algoritm Author: Xin-She Yang

The optimisation result depends on the weight. For the given example, the minimum found for both objective functions is for the weight value equal to 0.5. I guess the global minimum of the objective functions depend on the functions, it is not always for the weight equal to 0.5, right ?

28 Jun 2013 Cuckoo Optimization Algorithm These files are the MATLAB code for "Cuckoo Optimization Algorithm (COA)". Author: Ramin Rajabioun

Marcelo> You can use the rastrigin example and set the variable npar = 2 in the cuckooMain file.

13 Jan 2012 Simulink Signal Viewing using Event Listeners and a MATLAB UI. This demo shows how to use block listeners to view model signals in a MATLAB user interface. Author: Phil Goddard

It works perfectly but I have a question.
In the Simulink model, I have a block including slash '/' (m/s), I want to obtain the signal from this block but when I write :
ad.viewing(1).blockName = sprintf('%s/m/s',ad.modelName);

The error is caused by the name, Matlab takes it like a subsystem because of the slash, is there a way to avoid this error ?

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