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Sheng Yue

University of Manchester

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24 Apr 2012 Screenshot readRawiv read data format into Matlab and save as a .raw file Author: Sheng Yue rawiv, raw, file import, data import 8 0
12 Mar 2012 Label the largest pixel/voxel group in an image LABELLARGEST keep the largest N isolated regions in the image Author: Sheng Yue connectivity, bwconncomp, connected components, bwlabeln 12 0
28 Nov 2011 Screenshot Export multiple Matlab surfaces to a single Avizo© (VSG) compatible surface Export multiple Matlab surfaces to a single Avizo© (VSG) compatible surface ((HyperSurface 0.1 ASCII Author: Sheng Yue avizo, amira, hypersurface, export 8 0
24 Nov 2011 Screenshot Export a Matlab surface to an Avizo© (VSG) compatible surface Export a single surface defined by vertices and triangular faces to an Avizo compatible surface Author: Sheng Yue usagewriteavizosurff, v, filename, colourtissue, colourexteriorwriteav..., colourtissuewriteaviz... 13 0
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05 Oct 2012 Export figure to 3D interactive PDF Export figure as U3D file or directly to 3D interactive graphics within PDF. Author: Ioannis Filippidis

need to change idtf2u3d.m to make it work on my computer.
Still a nice work!

23 Apr 2012 InSPIRE: simple utility to read raw image into Matlab workspace It reads a 3D raw image and show the mid cross-section of the raw volume image Author: Rex Cheung

should "zplane=round(Xdim/2);"
to be "zplane=round(Zdim/2);"?

And you may need to include Endianness options to the code.

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