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08 Sep 2014 xy2sn Transform cartesian to curvilinear orthogonal coordinates, e.g. a flow-oriented coordinate system. Author: Juernjakob Dugge

Nice submission overall.
A warning though: the spline interpolant is not necessarily monotone, particularly at the end-points. As a result, in my tests it was common to get major discontinuities in "Nsign" at the boundaries.
You might consider adding a pchip() option to avoid this (pchip is guaranteed monotone).

26 Mar 2013 fdep: a pedestrian function dependencies finder FDEP dissects ML files and iteratively looks for all user defined functions used during runtime Author: us

Very useful tool, and fast!

It worked great for me, except for one issue: if the input function calls subfun.m only from within an anonymous function, then fdep() does not find it.

In other words if myfun.m has the lines


then for p=fdep('myfun'), p.fun does NOT contain subfun.m

This came up because I tend to use anonymous functions as aliases a lot, e.g. Fab=@(c,d)F(a,b,c,d)

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