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09 Mar 2011 PIVMat 3.02 A PIV Post-processing and data analysis toolbox Author: Frederic Moisy

Hi Mohamed,

I think follwing is the reason of its problem and solution is also given below: (I wrote this email to Dr. Moisy)

I have downloaded the latest version of pivmat 2.0 and readimx file: Readimx for Matlab 7.4 (R2007a) to 7.11 (R2010b) under Windows 32 bits (XP, Vista, 7).

However, when we put everything together and issue loadvec command it says: Obsolete version of ReadIMX - Please upgrade.
See the step 1 of the Installation Instructions.

For a new user like me it is very confusing. I then did a little bit of research in your code of loadvec and I found that error happens due to this piece of code (repeated twice) in loadvec function:

if ~checkreadimxversion(a,7)
disp('Obsolete version of ReadIMX - Please upgrade.');
disp('See the step 1 of the <a href="matlab:docpivmat pivmat_install">Installation Instructions</a>.');
clear v

Now checkreadimxversion determines the version of current readimx code by operating on the string:


ans =

$Version: 1.5$ $Date: 15.12.2010$ $Revision: 2 $

Now problem with the code of checkreadimxversion is that it extracts numeric value after 'Revision:' but fails to take in to account the numerical value after Version. New readimx code says version 1.5 and revision 2. But the code picks up only revision 2 and compares it with your specified value 7, hence it gives error message. It worked fine with earlier package of redimx (for example: readimx4matlab_v1.4) because their output was:


ans =

$Version: 1.0$ $Date: 8/06/07 16:38 $ $Revision: 6 $

I hope now you see the bug in code. Quick fix solution will be to change arugument of checkreadimxversion in loadvec.m file to checkreadimxversion(a,1). This is needed to be changed at two lines in loadvec.m file: line number 292 and 423.

Better solution will be to modify the function of checkreadimxversion in such a way that it also inlcudes version, not only the revision number.

Dr. Moisy is the best person to comment on this. but it seems to me the reason for error message.

Hope it will help you, Avanish

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