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22 Mar 2013 Printing Variables to HTML Tables in Published Code This file lets you display variables as HTML tables in your published MATLAB files. Author: Ned Gulley

Seems nice but does not work in R2013a.
It gives me smt like
I guess it is similar problem to Anna's. Any idea how to overcome it?

17 Aug 2012 NEWTON RAPHSON Newton-raphson method to find root of an equation. Author: Sandeep Solanki

I get the following msg at line 40

Eqn_Str = 'x^4 - x - 10'

X = newtonraphson(Eqn_Str,0)
Error using inline (line 47)
Input must be a string.
Error in newtonraphson (line 40)
fxd = inline(diff(Eqn_Str));

Is this code really working?

Lefteris K.

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