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13 Jun 2013 Myplotyy Myplotyy plots different data sets with a common x-axis but using individual y-axes in one figure. Author: Friedhelm Steinhilber

If it also had the option to specify ticks and minor ticks of each axis separately as well as their appearance, it would be absolutely perfect!

13 Jun 2013 oaxes - central axis lines through an origin Draw central axis lines through an origin point. Author: John Barber

I am missing a few functions or can't find them:
-How can I make the ticklabels appear on the outisde of the axis instead inside?
-Is it possible to define the minor ticks separately?
-Is it possible to set multiple axis limits (to make it appear like multiple small axis instead of one long axisLine)

12 Jun 2013 akZoom Zooming and panning with the mouse in 2D plots. Supports plotyy, loglog, subplot, etc. Author: Alexander Kessel

thanks, works very well!
I wonder, is there a way to automatically have it run for every plot, without typing akZoom every time...

11 Apr 2013 Load Labview Binary Data labviewload.m loads in binary data files output by Labview. Author: Jeremy Smith

same problem here, on line 65, "Maximum variable size allowed by the program is exceeded."
When I try to skip this preallocation, I get other errors....
The binary file I try to load isn't even that big...

05 Mar 2013 Voxel Draws a 3-D cube in a 3-D graph. Author: Suresh Joel

excellent and easy to use! Thanks a lot.

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