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i will use it for study purpose


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15 Mar 2013 Adaptive Median Filter (MATLAB Code) Converting MATLAB Algorithms into Serialized Designs for HDL Code Generation Author: Kiran Kintali

I am getting following error. how to fix it.
??? Undefined variable "coder" or class "coder.unroll".

Error in ==> get_median_1d at 8
for ii=coder.unroll(1:numpixels)

Error in ==> aMediantFilter_2D at 31
outbuf = get_median_1d(d3x3(:)');

Error in ==> aMedianFilter_2D_script at 16
[pixel_val, pixel_valid] = aMediantFilter_2D(c_data,

18 Mar 2011 Particle Filter Color Tracker Tracking an object in a video with a Color Particle Filter Author: Sebastien PARIS

sir can i get the reference material of the codes for my work.actually i am unable to understand it.is it possible that either the whole program can be written in matlab or written in c.why u have used both c an matlab. what is the advantage.

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