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Giorgio De Nunzio

University of Salento
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University Researcher in Applied Physics; working in the field of Medical Physics and Medical Image Processing. University of Salento, Lecce, Italy.


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17 May 2011 Generalized Nonlinear Non-analytic Chi-Square Fitting Performs chi-square fit with uncertainty estimation when measurement errors are known. Author: Nathaniel Brahms

Hi all! Thanks, Nathaniel, for this really useful tool! I have a problem with one of the options: FitIndex. It looks like this option is not used anywhere. Setting it has no effect on the result (all the parameters undergo fitting, no matter what the value of op.FitIndex is). Investigating the code led me to discover that FitIndex is not explicitly used in fitChiSquare.m, and that "options" is then passed to lsqnonlin or fminsearch, which imho cannot use FitIndex. Can you please enlighten me? In the meantime, I'll try fixing a parameter by giving strict bounds for its value. Thanks! Giorgio De Nunzio

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