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26 Aug 2011 RubikViewer A simple GUI tool for 3x3x3 rubik's cube analysis Author: Stefano Pantaleoni

nice work

24 Jun 2011 orbits - plot orbits around Earth in an interactive manner. This GUI lets you plot orbits around Earth interactively. Author: Michael

16 Jun 2011 Conway's game of life GUI of Conway's game of life. Author: Moshe Lindner

really nice.....i feel like i am playing the age old hand held video game...
The gui is awesome for development of grid based games.

16 Jun 2011 Ourotorus Glue Broken Pieces provided such that adjacent squares have the same colours along common edges. Author: Krishna Lalith

08 Jun 2011 Rubik's Cube Simulator and Solver This program simulates, manipulates and solves all rubik's cubes. Includes webcam recognition. Author: Joren Heit

I was searching for such a program for a long time...I knew how to solve the Cube but for a long wanted to see a program that could implement it....really nice work

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