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27 Aug 2014 MINTERSECT -- Multiple set intersection. A generalization of INTERSECT to handle multiple inputs. Author: David Fass

The extension with indices in the post by Alexander was exactly what I was looking for. Worked just like intersect but with 3 vectors

15 Nov 2012 KML Toolbox v2.7 Create KML/KMZ files and view them in Google Earth. Supports 3D models, contours, overlays, and more Author: Rafael Oliveira

Hi Rafael,
Thanks for making this great tool. I had a minor issue with the klm.transfer function not lining up properly. I discovered that this was because my plotting script used "axis equal". This resulted in the axes not filling the whole figure window during the image capture so the image limits were not quite right. perhaps you could add "axis normal" in the code somewhere so that it will always behave as expected.

27 Jan 2012 datalabel(state,marker_color); Interactive labeling of data points on a plot. Author: Michelle Hirsch

For time series data you can get the 'x coordinate' as a date string by changing line 89 to ...
th = text(xv,yv,[' (' datestr(xv) ',' num2str(yv) ')']);

When you click on a feature it will tell you when it happened as a date and time rather than a cryptic matlab date number. One area where Excel seems to be better than Matlab (until now!).

12 Jan 2012 ADO OLE Database Connection Queries datasource and insers data into datasource. Author: Martin Furlan

This is a great tool, I have been using it for a while with out a hitch. Just recently it started to go wrong and gave the error:
"No public field CursorLocation exists for class COM.ADODB_Connection"
I found if I commented out the folowing line from adodb_connect
ado_connection.CursorLocation = 'adUseClient'; % Uses a client-side cursor supplied by a local cursor library
this error went away.
After this it had a problem with the line from adodb_query...
if (ado_recordset.State && ado_recordset.RecordCount>0)

I found if I delete this (and the corresponding end) it works fine for my purposes. I'm not exactly sure what this did (anybody?) and what errors will crop up now that it isn't there.
I wonder if there has been an update to the ADODB set up and now some of the methods and classes have changed since this code was written.

31 Mar 2011 Generate maximally perceptually-distinct colors Choose a set of n colors that can be readily distinguished from each other Author: Tim Holy

Is there a colour space function that I could use with this function to find colours that are perceptually-distinct to a person with a colour vision deficiency (colour blind)? In the example I have in mind colours that are only different by the amount of red in them such as blue and purple look the same (Protanopia).

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