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03 Apr 2011 Single phase three Level diode clamped PWM based Inverter Three level diode clamped PWM based inverter Author: Syed Abdul Rahman Kashif

i am working on multilevel inverters for my school project. i learned 3 different spwm techniques which are used for this. they are: 1)PD(Phase disposition)
2)POD(Phase opposition disposition)
3)APOD(Alternative POD)
But i see that in this simulink code,the technique is a bit different. Normally, there should be used a N-1 carrier signals and a sinusoidal reference signal. But here, you used 2 sinusoidal signals to compare with these carrier signals. Can i ask what is the difference of this method? What are the advantages or disadvantages over the PD,POD or APOD? Also whats tne name of this technique?
Thans very much for your help.

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