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04 Apr 2011 Adaptive Robust Numerical Differentiation Numerical derivative of an analytically supplied function, also gradient, Jacobian & Hessian Author: John D'Errico

hi John, many thanks for the wonderful suite!

I met a problem when I use the function from the m-file. my code is:

H=hessian(@(p) @reg2002, [0.03 3 -5])

??? The following error occurred converting from function_handle to double:
Error using ==> double
Conversion to double from function_handle is not possible.

Error in ==> derivest at 330
f_x0(j) = fun(x0(j));

Error in ==> hessdiag at 59
[HD(ind),err(ind),finaldelta(ind)] = derivest( ...

Error in ==> hessian at 74
[hess,err] = hessdiag(fun,x0);

I don't what is wrong here. is there mistakes I made? many thanks in advance.


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