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17 Sep 2013 Display ws variables size in KB, MB or GB Displays with appropriate unit of data storage. Sorting by size/name (non c.sensitive) is supported. Author: Oleg Komarov

23 Oct 2012 Turn off your Windows Computer from within MATLAB after a long unattended calculation Turn off a Windows machine from within MATLAB. Author: Michael Kleder

20 Jun 2012 progressbar Simple, efficient, and user friendly replacement for waitbar. Author: Steve Hoelzer

22 May 2012 Get computer name/hostname It provides the computer name where running. Useful for customizing scripts depending on the machine Author: Manuel Marin

Just this works fine.
[~, name] = system(hostname');

This is not worth a function.

21 Feb 2012 Structure Tree Prints to a file the fields of a structure in tree format. Author: Juan Vega

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