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16 Apr 2011 Learning the Extended Kalman Filter An implementation of Extended Kalman Filter for nonlinear state estimation. Author: Yi Cao

Hi! This is a nice code for EKF. I have a question though: In your example if we assume that the value 0.05 is unknown parameter and we want simultaneous state and parameter estimation can we augment the state as with the parameter as:
n=4; %number of state
q=0.1; %std of process
r=0.1; %std of measurement
Q=q^2*eye(n); % covariance of process
% or Q=diag[Q 0]; % if no process noise is included in the parameter
R=r^2; % covariance of measurement
f=@(x)[x(2);x(3);x(4)*x(1)*(x(2)+x(3));x(4)]; % nonlinear state equations
h=@(x)x(1); % measurement equation
s=[0;0;1;0.1]; % initial state
x=s+q*randn(4,1); %initial state % initial state with noise
P = eye(n); % initial state covraiance
N=20; % total dynamic steps
xV = zeros(n,N); %estmate % allocate memory
sV = zeros(n,N); %actual
zV = zeros(1,N);
for k=1:N
z = h(s) + r*randn; % measurments
sV(:,k)= s; % save actual state
zV(k) = z; % save measurment
[x, P] = ekf(f,x,P,h,z,Q,R); % ekf
xV(:,k) = x; % save estimate
s = f(s) + q*randn(3,1); % update process

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