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Mohsin Shah

Hazara University

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i am a lecturer in a public sector university


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08 Aug 2011 Nonlinear Finite Difference Method The Finite Difference Method is employed for solving a nonlinear boundary value problem. Author: Ernesto Momox Beristain

im looking for any one who help me writing Matlab code pulse propagation in optical fiber using the nonlinear schrodinger equation by the help of FDTD method. please reply if there is anyone

02 Aug 2011 1D-FDTD modeling of THz pulse propogation in free space 1D-FDTD using hard source and Mur's absorbtion boundary conditions (MUR ABS) Author: Kirill Zaitsev

can any body help me in simulating the Non-linear Schrodinger Equation for pulse propagation in optical fiber using the FDTD (Finite Difference Time Domain) method?

05 Jul 2011 Finite Difference Beam Propagation Method Gaussian pulse propagated in free space using FDBPM Author: Edgar Guevara

Can we use finite difference methode to propagate a gussian pulse along optical fiber using schrodinger nonlinear equation?? plz reply

22 May 2011 GAFFE A toolbox for solving evolutionary nonlinear PDEs This toolbox implements the well known split-step Fourier technique for solving nonlinear PDEs. Author: Edward Grace

Hi you have done a great job. i wana know that is there anything for birefringence or polarization in this toolbox? can we simulate pulse propagation in a birefringent fiber by this toolbox?

16 Apr 2011 Dynamical Systems with Applications using MATLAB Companion Software. Author: Stephen Lynch

how can i get the book?

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