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Sam Roberson

British Geological Survey
51.99852, 4.375812

Personal Profile:

I am a UK trained geologist with specialisms in glaciology, geological modelling, sedimentology and geostatistics.


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25 Feb 2014 Metripol Loader Loads and converts Metripol files to jpg format Author: Sam Roberson birefringence, crystallography, metripol 7 0
16 Sep 2013 Normalize Compositional Distance Calculate difference and differentiation potential between particle-size distributions. Author: Sam Roberson particlesize distribu..., compositional data an..., grainsize, differentiation power, statistics 6 0
30 Aug 2012 Degrees to CH1903+ Convert decimal degrees (lat,long) to Swiss 1903+ grid (x,y) in metres Author: Sam Roberson map, coordinates, ch1903 8 0
30 Aug 2012 CH1903+ to degrees Convert Swiss grid CH1903+/SV03 to decimal degrees. Author: Sam Roberson mapping 7 0
01 Nov 2011 getfilevar Allows user to define the name of unknown variable from .mat file and load it into the workspace. Author: Sam Roberson load, data import, name variables 9 0
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08 Mar 2012 dep Make a dependency report for a matlab file and plot the call graph. Make only static code analysis. Author: Thomas Guillod

Exactly what I have been looking for. Excellent!

Took me a while to find though, which I think may be caused by the misspelling of 'graphwiz'.



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