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13 May 2011 Iris segmentation using Daugman's integrodifferential operator This program takes as input the image of the iris f human eye and localises the iris and pupil by fi Author: Anirudh Sivaraman

it works great !! for those who uses CAsia interval or CASIA Iris-V3 you must to fix the min and the max Radius [95 150] respectively, and to apply the Enhace histog Equalization "histeq.m"
but if you use the Casia1 it works by fixing on [95 105] without histeq.
I've some prblm with the Classification step if someone could help I'll apreciate (wich method or Algorithm i should use to extract the features ..!!).
Good luck.

09 May 2011 Gabor wavelet filter for texture extraction Creates a gabor wavelet filter for texture extraction. Author: Jasmine John

can you explane how does it work or give as the doc, we apreciate !!

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