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05 Nov 2012 Kalman Filter Application CIR Estimates the parameters of the CIR model on a generated term structure Author: Nils Delava

I am trying to replicate your results but the code as it is produces errors in the optimization part and it stops around the 50th iteration. The final mean values are very far from the true one. Moreover the numbers that I am getting are very far from the ones in CIR200.mat. Can you please help?

04 May 2011 Textscantool App to read large text files Author: Stuart McGarrity

I am getting an error:
Too many inputs.

Error in ==> textscantool at 84
pushButtonHandlesCell=cellfun(@(x) findobj(fig,'Tag',x),pushButtonHandlesGUITags,'Uniform',false);

can u help me plz?

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