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Is a computer engineering student at Mapua Institute of Technology, Philippines, an ABET accredited school.

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research and development, hardware and software development


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04 Nov 2011 fit_ellipse Find the best fit for an ellipse using a given set of points (a closed contour). Author: Ohad Gal

How to use this? I mean, the inputs x and y? Can I have an example? Thanks! This is very useful for my project!

24 Oct 2011 inpaint_nans Interpolates (& extrapolates) NaN elements in a 2d array. Author: John D'Errico

great work! i am using your work in my project but i am getting problems on how to save the output. when showing the output, it needs square bracketts,[] in IMSHOW command. but how to do it in IMWRITE? thanks!

irisImage = imread('C:\test.bmp'); irisImageGrayScale = rgb2gray(irisImage);

irisImageGrayScale = double(irisImageGrayScale);
irisImageGrayScale(irisImageGrayScale>170) = nan;
irisImageGrayScale2 = inpaint_nans(irisImageGrayScale);


20 Oct 2011 Iris Location Locate the iris of eyes in an image of one eye Author: XU XIN

How to use this? after running the IrisLocat.m, and loading the image, what after? thanks!

01 Sep 2011 Servo motors controller A GUI to control six servo motors. Author: Andrea Cirillo

is it like this:

PIC microcontroller:
if motorSelection == a
then activate motor1
else if motorSelection == b
then activate motor2
else if motorSelection == f
then activate motor6?


31 Aug 2011 Servo motors controller A GUI to control six servo motors. Author: Andrea Cirillo

how will this work? SERVO to PC? no need for microcontroller?

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