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07 Jul 2014 Amino acid conservation.zip Analysis of amino acid conservation using conservation index Author: Guangdi Li

Fig. 1B should be removed. It is misleading because your code does not produce it.

20 Jan 2014 IM2GIF Converts a multiframe image to an animated GIF. Author: Oliver Woodford

12 Nov 2013 findsubmat Finds one matrix (a sub-matrix) within another. Author: Matt Fig

03 Jan 2013 statusProgressBar This progress bar can be added to any GUI (like at the bottom) to simulate a status bar progress bar Author: Jean Bilheux

31 Aug 2011 FKtest Fligner-Killeen test for homogeneity of variances. Author: Antonio Trujillo-Ortiz

Antonio: have you validated your code by comparing the results between yours and those given by R fligner.test?

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