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22 Mar 2012 LBFGSB (L-BFGS-B) mex wrapper Mex wrapper for lbfgsb v3.0 fortan library. L-bfgs-b solves box-constrained optimization. Author: Stephen Becker

hi,Stephen, thank a lot for your brilliant work. This is just what I need now. I am trying to use this optimizer on image registration. However, I am not able to make it work. I compile with the mex file on 64bit ubuntu 11.1 with matlab 2011b. The GCC version is 4.6.1. I managed to make the mexa64 file. But when running the test 1, I got error like:
=== lbfgsb "driver1" test problem, 2D ===
Invalid MEX-file '/media/Data/project/codes/Lbfgsb.3.0/lbfgsb_wrapper.mexa64':
version `GFORTRAN_1.4' not found (required by

Error in lbfgsb (line 174)
[f, task, csave, lsave, isave, dsave] = ...

could you kindly help me with this? Thanks

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